Neolithic ancient rarities, revealed by archaeologists toward the start of the 21st century, show that Istanbul’s memorable promontory was settled as far back as the seventh thousand years BCE.[34] That early settlement, critical in the spread of the Neolithic Revolution from the Near East to Europe, went on for just about a thousand years before being immersed by rising water levels. The principal human settlement on the Asian side, the Fikirtepe hill, is from the Copper Age period, with relics dating from 5500 to 3500 BCE,[39] On the European side, close to the point of the landmass (Sarayburnu), there was a Thracian settlement amid the mid first thousand years BCE. Current creators have connected it to the Thracian toponym Lagos,[40] specified by Pliny the Elder as a prior name for the site of Byzantium and download latest HD Istanbul Wallpaper.