The diversion sold 145,029 physical retail duplicates inside the main week of discharge in Japan, besting the Japanese programming deals diagrams for that week, marginally beating its ancestor, Infinity Moment, which sold 138,180 copies. By July 2014, it surpassed the past amusement’s aggregate duplicates sold domestically,[28] which is about 200,000 copies,[29] and sold more than 280,000 duplicates in Japan by December 2014. The amusement was the top offering computerized Vita diversion on both the European district and North American locale PlayStation Store in August and September 2014,[31][32][33][34] which meant more than 450,000 duplicates sold worldwide[30] as of December 2014. Of these, roughly 90,000 duplicates were sold in Asia, and 70,000 duplicates were sold in North America.

The diversion got a Famitsu survey score of 32/40.[35] An import audit by PlayStation Lifestyle gave the Japanese adaptation of the amusement a rating of 9/10, taking note of that the amusement gives a lot of hours worth of substance and has no undeniable execution issues which influence the gameplay experience. For getting more info and Wallpaper of Asuna and Kirito as well as Anime Series Sword Art Online.